There seems to be data for every possible thing you can think of, and based on how well murder documentaries and movies do, people want this data. There's a new study that is telling us who is most likely to be a serial killer, based on when you were born.

The finding? If you're a Taurus, born between April 20 and May 20, you're more likely to be a serial killer than any other sign. Yikes to my Taurus friends. And I have a few.

The New York Post also notes that notorious murderers born within that zodiac sign include America's first modern serial killer, H.H. Holmes, "London Nail Bomber" David Copeland, Canadian child killer Karla Homolka, "Werewolf of Wysteria" cannibal Albert Fish, and British child killer Levi Bellfield.

This study was done by a British author named David Jester, who claims he spent two years looking into different killer's zodiac signs before the release of his new book The Clinic, which comes out this week.

While most killers he studied were born between April 20 and May 20, the individual days that the most killers claim as their birthdays were April 24 and February 18. That's pretty specific.

With how obsessed people are with right now with things like the Ted Bundy documentary and movie, and murder-mystery shows and movies, I think books and studies like this are going to keep coming out and succeeding.

My best friend is a Taurus and missed one of those dates by just one day. I'll be letting her know how close she could have been to being a serial killer. Go tell your Taurus friends what you now know.

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