Who said hanging out with your girlfriends cant pay off? Even as adults we still need some good 'ol fashion bestie time. If you can get creative and figure out how to turn that friendship power into a business, well then you may just have a winning combo. Just ask Idaho ladies, Amanda, Genie and Jesse. These lovely local friends started selling reusable eyelashes out of their home in October 2017 under the business name Red Aspen.

The three friends found a niche and capitalized on it. In five months they generated over a million dollars and knew they were on to something. Continuing to work as a team and grow they got creative when COVID-19 hit.

They changed things up to open their products for at home women to sell. It was a perfect storm with some of their key products being at home nail sets and eyelash sets. With people unable to go to salons they were looking for other resources. At the same time many were looking for alternate forms of income, ideally that could be made from home. Put all of that together with some smart and savvy ladies and boom, a successful business skyrocketed.

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Red Aspen calls them brand ambassadors and they currently have over 7,500 nationwide. According to bosie dev, Red Aspen grossed over $20 million in 2020. The main headquarters are in Meridian where local employees help facilitate the out reach for the ambassadors. That is one pretty incredible local friendship and women in leadership success story.

I am a big fan of the show the home edit, where two friends started and now head a massively successful home and office organization business. Would you have fun working with your best friend or do you think it would turn out to be a bad situation?

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