Yes we should all be responsible and follow the stay at home order. We should only leave the house for essentials. The last time I checked exercise is essential for all humans so after doing some research on which outdoor activities would provide the best scenery led me to 3 must see waterfalls. Keep in mind hiking is considered an exercise and you can practice social distancing with relative ease. What better way to get exercise, fresh air and beautiful views. Read the descriptions below from and if you feel the need to be one with nature during these difficult times go for a hike.


1. Ritter Island

Besides Shoshone Falls, Ritter Island houses one of the best waterfalls for catching last minute daylight and possible colorful clouds during sunset. The south-facing view of the waterfall is accessible via the steep road down to Ritter Island known as the Thousand Springs Grade. The falls can also be seen under moonlight from the 1000 Springs Resort across the river, where you can watch and listen to the waterfall as you light the night’s campfire during the blue hour.

2. Niagara Springs

Deep inside the Snake River Canyon is another section of Thousand Springs State Park known as Niagara Springs. While not the biggest of the falls, it is certainly one of the most photogenic. The steady flow of water over countless rocks and between lush green vegetation will have a photographer playing with the composition for hours. Turn around after viewing the falls and you will be greeted with a beautiful view of the Snake River.

1. Shoshone Falls

The “Niagara of the West” sure does live up to its name, especially after a wet winter when the powerful 212-foot wall of water can literally leave you speechless. Since the water flow size is controlled by Idaho Power, be sure to check current conditions before planning your trip. Even at lower levels though, the falls is still a mesmerizing site. During the long Idaho spring days, I like to arrive after dinner and watch the low sun light up the falls as the cascading golden light tumbles down the Snake River Canyon. Mid-day light, however, will generate rainbows in the mist if you get lucky.  Shoshone Falls is one of southwest Idaho’s most impressive sites, so this is a must do on your trip.

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