It's no secret that there is no shortage of breweries here in the Treasure Valley. In fact, it's almost getting overwhelming trying to figure out where they're all at, which ones are new, and how to find time to try ALL of them!  I'm not as much of a beer guy as I used to be, but I love a creatively brewed local beer--nothing beats it.

You may be familiar with Thrillist, the popular website, similar to Buzzfeed, that seems to always be breaking trending stories and ranking the best "something's". The good folks over at Thrillist got their hands dirty and dove into all 50 states, finding out which brewery, according to them, is the best for each state.

You can read the entire list, HERE. However, for Idaho? Thrillist named Crooked Fence the best! I'm very familiar with the brand and I would have to say there's no reason they shouldn't be earning the praise! Located in Garden City, these guys know how to brew a beer. Learn about them, HERE.

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