In the spring of 2016, one Chris Cruise and I both came to Boise to work at 103.5 KISS FM.  Chris singed on one Monday, I moved to town and signed on the air just 7 days later on the following Monday. A legacy and several poor decisions were born. The worst of them all? Well, that was born about a year later.

We had launched out brand new 103.5 KISS FM App about this time last year and our Tap That App campaign was going at full force. We wrote that horrible song and it was all fun and games until Kekeluv said:

"You guys should preform this at BMF"


No, I thought. Yes, Chris thought.  So of course...we had to do it.

We prepared for weeks, we found some bold outfits. We also on stage. In fact, you can see our performance below as recorded by someone in the crowd: note all of the boo's.

I thought this was embarrassing last year? This was PAINFUL for me to watch at my desk just now.

What you can't see in this video, is the stage crew in the back YELLING to get us off of the stage. We didn't know they wanted us off to make room for Flo-Rida, either. Yikes.

In honor of our big BMF announcement's a Throwback Thursday: BMF Edition. Hopefully this year is a little less embarrassing.


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