I tend top be a pretty positive person who looks for the best in people. I like to think that people are good for the most part and that most of us have good intentions. I do however know that there are a lot of grumpy, glass half full, I hate people type of individuals in this world. One of my close friends happens to be one of them, you might of heard him on the radio weekdays between 3-7pm. Yes I'm talking about Mateo. I'm writing this in hopes that he will celebrate National Love Day and engage in at least one of the suggested activities below from nationaltoday.com If you happen to be just like my friend Mateo, please keep reading, this may give you a different perspective... or not. Regardless, Happy National Love People Day.


  1. Help someone else

    The idea for random acts of kindness epitomizes the spirit of National Love People Day. Share a resource or gift with someone in need. Offer to babysit so your friend can go out on a date night with their spouse. Write a check for cancer research. Give blood at a blood bank because it's one of the best ways to express to people you don't even know the love of life.

  2. Express your love with the arts

    Spread the message of National Love People Day by writing a poem or even sharing it at a poetry slam. Do a dance or paint a picture in the name of love. In these divisive times, art is an amazing outlet for showing how interconnected we are as a human race.

  3. Be nice

    Sometimes just a gentle word of support or showing empathy to a friend going through hard times is an effective way to honor National Love People Day. There's no money involved and no physical labor to undergo. Share a hug, a cup of coffee, and a listening ear to someone you do or don't know. It can make all the difference in the world.


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