When I was a kid, my parents got divorced and I'll always remember how weird it felt to say that. Looking back, it was for the better and I'm lucky enough to have them both get along just fine. But witnessing what both had to do as single parents is something that you see and understand a lot more clear when you're older. Often times after a divorce, a child can become means for manipulation--which is totally wrong. While again, I was lucky to never be the medium through which one parent would argue or get revenge on the other--I've seen that happen and it's pretty toxic.

Single parents go through a lot. There's no "balancing" of schedules to make sure your child has a place to go after school and there's no automatic answer for how they get to and from sports or after school activities. I know this (and appreciate what my parents were able to do for me) first hand.

Today is National Single Parent Day and I think if you haven't lately, it's a great "excuse" to thank a single parent that you know--or maybe even one of your own. We all have a family member, co-worker, or friend that is probably struggling to "make it all work" while raising a child. Talk about a hero.

Post up--who do you know that is a rock star single parent!?

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