Tonight is the Light of Hope fundraiser for Faces of Hope, a really special victims' resource center right here in Boise.

I got to tour their facility last month when I was doing our diaper drive as they are one of the non-profits that Idaho Diaper Bank benefits. I've never seen a center quite like this.

Faces serves as an immediate resource center for victims domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault and elder abuse. Their whole philosophy is making sure that victims can enter through one door and tell their story one time rather than having to go to multiple locations and relive their trauma.

They've got a law clinic where people can get protection orders. They offer crisis counseling and trauma informed care. Saint Luke's and Saint Al's both have doctors in house for forensic exams. The Boise PD has their Special Victim's Unit right there at Faces. It really is a one-of-a-kind place.

When they asked me to host their annual fundraiser, I was so honored! They're doing amazing work and this is the type of place I love giving my time to.

Tonight is the night! It's at JUMP starting at 5:30p. Limited tickets are still available and you can find that info here. To learn more about the amazing impact Faces has on our community, click here.


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