It's National Margarita Day in the ❄️I know it doesn't feel like a day for the frosty Summertime drink, but when isn't it a good time!?!

Some people have them when eating Mexican food and has been known to be a bartender's nightmare drink to make (because it's soooo good and messy!)

The key to a good margarita on this national holiday (not really a holiday) is all about the tequila right? Who has the best? Where should you go? Let's find out 🍹

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1. Jalapeños - I'm giving Jalapeños first on the list for a few reasons. Voted 2017's Best of Canyon County, Jalapenos is locally owned by sisters and were one of the first businesses to publicly support Live For 175 (annual child abuse prevention event) in the Treasure Valley. They own two locations from Boise to Nampa and serve their signature 80-ounce giant Margarita!

2. El Gallo Giro - This Mexican Cuisine is located downtown Boise and off Glenwood. Enjoy a great Margarita while watching the Olympic finale this weekend.

3. Corona Village - Serving an authentic taste of Mexico for over 20 years in Meridian.

4. Amigos Mexican Restaurant - Located at 2919 West State Street keeps coming up word of mouth. The Margaritas are the rocks are the best.

5. The Matador - Why not go to a Tequila bar when looking for the best Margarita. The Matador located in downtown Boise and the Village at Meridian will have you salivating for more. Happy hour is from 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. and they run it again from 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. Food is hands down A+.

Honorable Mention: Chili's on Broadway and Eagle road have the some of the BEST Margaritas. Check out their Margarita machines including the Strawberry Margarita. This frosty mug keeps your Tequila nice and chilled.


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