With Thanksgiving tomorrow, you've probably already got your fridge stocked if you're hosting. But there's one thing you've gotta get rid of: the romaine lettuce.

The CDC has recalled all romaine lettuce. Not just one brand, but all. There have been 31 cases of E. coli across 11 states so far. There are no known cases so far in Idaho, but toss that romaine just in case. It seems darker leafy salads are still good like spinach and kale. That's what I've got in my fridge already anyway.

Here's the thing with these recalls- you've got to tell everyone you know! Some people don't get the news of the recall before it's too late. I woke up to a text from my older sister on the east coast that said "romaine lettuce recall!" Do that. 3 a.m. texts are totally okay as long as it's important information.

Who needs salad on Thanksgiving, anyway?!

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