You read this correctly as my co-host Kat was like, "What?" Taco Bell is getting in the party game by offering an exclusive experience with your large group of girls on that fabulous night out Saturday!

Tacos, Nachos Bell Grande, and those famous cinnamon twists will be a delight on your weekend off at Taco Bell with their "Party by Taco Bell" service.

You can thank Taco Bell's other idea in Las Vegas which is blowing up the spots with hundreds of requests for, "Taco Bell Wedding." Due to that high demand, the famous fast food chain is taking up a notch. Welcome to the "Party by Taco Bell" service option.

You can book select Taco Bell locations from November 24 to December 22 for your own private event. Marisa Thalberg, Global Chief Brand Officer at Taco Bell Corp, explains, "For the most devout Taco Bell fans to those who will just find this kitschy cool, we are about to make it easy to become the perfect postmodern party host."

This is NOT a fake news Friday post. This is legit and if you're really looking to have Taco Bell host your next girl's night out - Taco Bell can do that for about 10 of your friends around $25 bucks a person. That DOESN'T includes food though Taco Bell assistance is available for packages.

Interested? Contact your local Taco Bell on Broadway we found a TB finder below.

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