Boise is no stranger to delicious food—especially tacos.

And who doesn’t love some good tacos?

Well, there’s a famous Boise taco place that is now opening another location!

Hello Nampa! You no longer need to make the drive to Boise for Tin Roof Tacos because they just opened a brand-new location at 4865 E. Franklin Road in Nampa.

It’s their third location, but hey we don’t mind that all ... do we, Nampa? We're beyond thrilled to have them :)

Tin Roof Taco’s Facebook post mentioned, “Stop on by to pick up your favorite tacos! We are currently open from 11:00-7:00 at this location until we get fully staffed! Hope to see you there! 👋🏻😋🌮”

If you’re like me and you get caught up in the comment section, you’ll see that the commenters on this post are absolutely ecstatic! (As am I because this is freakin’ awesome.)

I was pleasantly surprised to see just how notorious Tin Roof Tacos is, as there were a bunch of people requesting to open locations all over Idaho and even in Salt Lake City, UT.

Of course, I needed to go check the place out myself. While I was there, I learned some important details ...

Their hours are currently 11am-7pm but they hope to be 6:30am-10:00pm by March 28. The manager, Trevor Parle, said they are still waiting on some supplies and looking for some more team members.

Again, more tacos is never a bad thing, so check out these awesome photos of Tin Roof Tacos as well as Boise's Ultimate Taco Guide below 👇

Tin Roof Tacos Opens New Location in Nampa

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