I guess I'm the only one who has NEVER heard of this concept based on my morning show calls this morning. I had no idea, #breakingnews.

It's Easter weekend with several options to coloring for all the crazy hunts this weekend. Did you get the 24 Kt or the glitter coloring kit? Which ones work the best?

It's funny how being the dad you just grab anything that looks cool on the package. It's obvious they market to people like myself because they SUCKED! I watched my wife buy a few cans of cheap shaving cream, dye, and end of with perfect looking colored Easter Eggs. My eggs looked like a bunch of misfits which I'm not even sure in 2018 if that's not egg discrimination 🐰

Photo by: Kekeluv

If you're planning on coloring Easter eggs this is actually a very simple way. Here are a few things you'll need because that dye gets on everything!

  • Boiled Eggs
  • Sterile Gloves (if you have them - it just help clean up much easier for you)
  • Food Coloring
  • Shaving Cream
  • Towl, rag, paper towel

Spread shaving cream in a bowl, cupcake style pan, or anything you want really. Just remember that whatever type of surface you use that you have to spin or move that egg around to get a swirl effect. Just think of which surface works best.

We use this muffin pan which was perfect for us to put eggs in different compartments. Quick note: The lighter colors don't stain as well.

Take dye and drip them in each one of the compartments and take a toothpick to swirl them. You can use whatever you like to mix them up - we used a straw.

Shaving Cream with coloring dye in each compartment

The next part is the fun and messy portion. Our son loved this and couldn't wait to make a mess.

Lennox Swirls Eggs in Color Dye

If you use gloves you will have less the mess for sure. I'm still covered in red dye! Rookie mistake.

Rinsing off eggs to let dry

Wipe off eggs with old rag or towel. You can use a paper towel if you like but we found an old towel. Come on - we all have the one that is falling apart!

Use an old towel to dry off the dyed egg

That's it! Happy Easter.

Photo by: Paige Washburn

Fyi: This wasn't my idea. My wife and son get all the credit because I tried the packaged stuff. #epicfail