Did we need this? We probably didn't, but here it is.

Twinkies, those ovular golden sponge cakes filled with cream, will soon be popping up in cereal aisles, too, thanks to a unique collaboration between the Post and Hostess brands.

Now America's favorite treat has now been transformed into a breakfast cereal that will be sold at Walmarts nationwide starting this December, People reports.

Instead of being soft like regular Twinkies, the cereal will be crunchy and in the same shape as the original treat. This is the third collaborative effort between Post and Hostess who, in January of this year, released two other cereal mash-ups involving Hostess Donettes and Hostess Honey Buns.

Twinkies themselves have long been subject to experimentation and innovation. Since 2013, the Hostess brand has introduced an array of limited-edition Twinkies flavors including chocolate, orange creme pop, and moonberry.

I can say with certainty that when these come out, I'll be skipping that aisle at the Overland Walmart.

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