Finding out that a close contact has tested positive for COVID-19 has become an everyday source of anxiety for many people in the Treasure Valley. 

This author is a childless adult and even for me, the last few weeks have been overwhelming. There was a small outbreak in our office that sent me into a spiral. When was the last time I was in the same room as these people? Was I far enough away from them? What arrangements do I need to start making for when I eventually get this thing? How much of a burden would me testing positive be on my spouse? How sick am I actually going to get?

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Those are all questions that ran through my head the first and only time I found out that I directly could've been exposed to COVID-19. I can't even imagine how stressful this latest surge has been for parents.  I won't pretend to know what it's like to get a COVID exposure notification from your child's school.

No matter what the reaction, it's a situation that parents in the West Ada School District won't get the opportunity to react to anymore. On Monday night, the West Ada School board voted 3-2 to stop sending parents e-mails when there's a positive case in the classroom.

How was the decision received? We took to Twitter to find out and we're not surprised that people had some strong feelings and a lot to say.

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