The Boise Airport continues to grow--both in size and in volume of passengers. Travelers from Boise that are used to zipping out of our little airport are used to getting right through. Sure, the TSA says that you should get there plenty early--but us Boise residents know that we can get there an hour early, park, crawl to the TSA counter and get right through to our plane in no time.


Lately, that definitely hasn't be the case, with tons of construction going on--and don't even get us started on the parking situation.

While that will all be over soon, the Boise Airport still isn't the most convenient 'hub' to get in and out of--especially if you're going East.

Here's a look at current non-stop flights to and from the Boise Airport.

25 Nonstop Flights from Boise

Here are the nonstop destinations that you can get to without changing planes from our airport.

Have you taken any of these flights for work, vacation, or to visit family in the past? 

Now, getting a non-stop flight might become even more difficult for some, as an online travel site is reporting that soon, two of these flights will be canceled.

Simple Flying, an online travel website has said that beginning in November, two Alaska Airline flights are disappearing from Boise. 

First is Boise to and from Austin, Texas-- that non-stop flight seems to have disappeared and seriously limits direct access from Idaho to Texas. With recent changes to the Houston-Boise direct flight, Dallas is now the only way to get to the Lone Star State on non-stop terms.

The second flight disappearing in November is Boise to San Jose--however this area is not lacking other options out of Boise.

We will continue to keep you updated on any further changes.

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