This restaurant has been serving up pizzas, sandwiches and smiles in Boise for over three decades. 

They have an impressive 4.5-star rating both on Google Reviews and Trip Advisor. It also made our list of "15 Tasty and Totally Underrated Restaurants in Boise." And now? They're listed for sale on Craigslist. 

The Boise staple we're talking about is Mancino's Pizza & Grinders on Federal Way. In the listing, current owners Jim and Kari Desaro gave a little back story on the restaurant. The original Mancino's Pizza and Grinders wasn't native to the Treasure Valley. Samuel Mancino opened the first location in St. Clair Shores, Michigan in the late 1930s. His daughter, Becky, brought the restaurant to Nampa in the mid-80s.

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A few years after opening in Nampa, there was an opportunity for franchisees to have their own Mancino's location and that's when the Desaro's opened their location, which today you'll find on Federal Way. They've enjoyed 33 years of success and are ready to sell.

The price on the Craigslist listing is $499,000 and explains that the tremendous opportunity is completely turn-key. We hope the Desaros find the right buyer to carry on a tradition that's meant so very much to the Treasure Valley and get to enjoy some downtime after decades in the sandwich and pizza biz!

Reading through Google reviews, they've received almost as much praise as their delicious, homemade Italian Sandwiches. We loved reading through some of the memories people have shared in their Google reviews.

Richard P. remembers snuffling sandwiches into the library at Boise State when the shop was on Broadway. He ended up driving 70 miles to pick up Italian combos for his wife when she was pregnant, noting those kids are all grown-up now. Tyler A. was impressed with how much passion Kari had for the business 30 years into it. "Friendly" and "the best" were recurring themes when people talked about the owners and staff.

There are also Mancino's locations in Caldwell and Nampa, but they are owned by different families than the Federal Way location.

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