It was a cold and windy winter night in Boise and as I walked off the plane all I could think of was getting into a warm bed but since I was just moving back here I didn't have a place to stay so I reached for my phone and booked the first hotel that popped up on my priceline app. Upon arrival at the roadside hotel behind the Lowe's home improvement store I felt like I was on a murder mystery movie set. The lights were dim and all the main hotel room doors had access from the main parking lot so that anyone could walk up and bang your door down. I opened the creaky door only to time warp back to the 80's. Every piece of furniture was old and it smelled like an antique store, that night I opted to not sleep in my clothes, on top of the sheets at the Howard Johnson across the street from the Boise Spectrum.

Why the story? and what does this have to do with micro apartments in Boise? I'm assuming that I wasn't alone in the sentiment that this hotel had seen better days and it was time to do something different with it.

While I chose to not sleep there that night soon you may be one of the 80 residents in the new micro apartments that are being built within 50 yards of Interstate 84 at the old Howard Johnson. Apparently micro apartments are all the rage in Boise. Recently there was one on the market for almost $1500 and it was less than 500 sq.ft. In this particular scenario " each room would de divided into a sleeping and living area with a divider separating them. Furnishings would be replaced and a small sink added to the bathroom. The vanity would be converted into a kitchenette with two burners and a combined refrigerator and freezer underneath the cabinet" said architect Erik Hagen in a letter to the Boise and Planning and Zoning Commission.

If micro apartments are your thing or you're just looking to survive the high cost of rent in Boise this may be an option for you.

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