A Roy, Utah, restaurant offering kangaroo burgers just sold about 400 of them in two days. according to FOX 13 News. "We are completely overwhelmed by your positivity and patronage!,” posted the Burger Bar in a Facebook fan community.

The restaurant offers an exotic meat every month, and the kangaroo meat had already been bought before bush fires broke out in Australia. Still, questions started about whether selling the burgers was a good decision, considering how many animals have died in the fires.

People reports that the restaurant ultimately decided that it was better to support the suffering nation. “[We] decided that it would actually be insensitive, and also self-serving, to pull our business out of Australia because we were worried about how selling Kangaroo would look...we think there is probably no better time to support Australia and the Australian economy than right now," they said in a statement.

The restaurant also admitted that the meat would just go to waste and take up too much room if it wasn't sold. The kangaroo meat has now sold out completely and they're offering camel meat instead.

While I agree that it would be terrible to let it just go to waste (imagine those kangaroos being killed for food that no one ever eats- I'm not sure what is worse), I do find it to be a weird and in poor taste to be selling that specific 'exotic' meat at this time, coincidence aside.

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