As summer winds down (and no, I'm not even sort of happy to admit that reality), there is one aspect about the season change that I'm not mad season!

Having grown up here in the Treasure Valley, Boise State Football has always been a big part of my life. Two of my cousins played for the Broncos and my parents have always enjoyed watching the football games. Albertson's Stadium and the energy it provides for our city is such a huge part of what makes the Treasure Valley an awesome place.

Whether you're a football fanatic through and through or just someone who loves watching our Broncos climb the rankings and win games, it was disappointing to see we didn't even make the AP Top 25 pre-season poll this year. Lucky for us, we DID make it towards the top of a pretty good list.

ESPN ranked the top Division I football programs by their "Fan Happiness Rating", which was compiled by the power of the program, dominance over program rivals, recruiting, coaching stability, and some other factors.

Out of 128 programs, Boise State ranked #17 and it's not tough to see why-- we have some of the most enthusiastic fans in the country!

The Vandals, however, came in second to last placing #127 of 128 programs.

Do you think either of the programs should have been ranked higher??

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