It's been almost 10 years since we first met the management team for the Village at Meridian. Hugh Crawford, Ramona Merrill, and Deborah Smith have been staples in our attempts to stop child abuse in the Treasure Valley.

It's needless to say that we adore their team and what they mean to the city. The Village at Meridian has become the spot in the Treasure Valley and that's why It's no surprise that giving back is high on their list.

Wednesday they've invited the Meridian Food Bank to use their location to raise as much food as possible. The Village at meridian along with the Meridian Food Bank will co-host a massive food drive called, No Contact Drive and Food Drive from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. I reached out to Deborah who runs their marketing team and she explained what to expect with COVID-19.

Everyone is going through so much right now and it's hard to find things to do. The least we can do is offer up our team and place to do things like raise food for the Meridian Food Bank. Everyone needs to eat.

It went something like that 😀You can only imagine with the COVID-19 crisis how hard it must be to navigate all the health concerns just to set up events to assist. The Meridian Food Bank is currently withstanding a terrible shortage of donations and that's where we come in.

The food bank might be hurting on donations but the needs are rising. So, how can you help and what precautions are they taking to assist you on Wednesday.

There will be a No Contact Drop & Go Food Drive which happens in the parking lot on the Eagle Roadside. The Meridian Food Bank will have a person taking donations and that means you don't have to do anything.

What's needed 

  • Boxed Mac and Cheese
  • Peanut Butter
  • Canned Tuna/Meat
  • Pasta and Canned Pasta Sauce
  • Boxed Rice

Just drive up to the Village at Meridian on Wednesday and drop off your items. Simple and you just helped your community in need 👏

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