When the news broke just this week, people here in the Treasure Valley had very polarizing opinions. Who would have thought that there we so many opinions on Texas de Brazil?

On one hand, it seemed that many people were sad to not be able to visit--for their second time, their first time, or to use a coupon that apparently hundreds of people in town had.  On the other hand, folks totally roasted the place. Many people said the food was nothing special, that it all tasted the same, and a popular complaint was just how expensive it was.

Now that Texas de Brazil is just one big empty space in the heart of our beloved Village at Meridian--let's take a look at what people are demanding fills the space! 

Restaurants That Could Fill Empty Space in Village at Meridian

News broke this week that Texas de Brazil was closing down for good--now, everyone wants to know what's next to fill the empty space!
We asked you what could be next--here's what you want to see next!

Would you like to see any of these businesses take over the Village at Meridian? We know that some of these would be great fits! 

Some of the suggestions that you all sent us, while dreamy, are a little unrealistic. For example--in order for a Whataburger to thrive, there should probably be a drive-thru and this particular space in The Village at Meridian won't allow for that.

True Food Kitchen, however? Sign us up.

While we are only a few months into the year of 2023, more than just Texas de Brazil has closed down this year alone: 

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