Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal or otherwise--yesterdays events in Washington D.C. have been called despicable across the board. Today, our nation looks back to what began just a day ago with shame-- no matter what you believe in. We're better than this--or at least we must tell ourselves and ideally, live up to that statement.

Local elected officials spoke out in the afternoon about the madness that was taking over the United States Capitol from across the country.

Governor Brad Little took to twitter saying:

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean shared via her Twitter:

  And then of course, there were other Idaho representatives--actually IN the middle of it all. Our elected senators and representatives.    

It wasn't the elected officials or the heroic police force that garnered the most attention, however. It was a small group of rioters--one in particular, a Boise man.

It didn't take long for the internet to identify Josiah Colt, of Boise, who was sitting in the Vice President's chair on the floor of the Senate screaming "Trump won that election".

A YouTube Video that is a screen recording of Colt's Facebook Story matches him to the rioter seen all over the world. Several locals here in the Treasure Valley have also identified him--many of whom recall going to High School with him here in Boise.

How are you feeling after all of the "noise", yesterday? Here's to hoping that we can use this as a opportunity to set aside our differences and close a deep gap of division.  


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