Want a job that pays $50,000 in Boise? Get ready because later this year there will be at least 146 people hired at an average of $50,479 per year at The Azek Co. You might be asking yourself... What is The Azek Co. and why can't I find them in Boise when I google them? The Azek Co. is a Chicago based company that makes construction boards and decking from recycled wood and plastic waste.

“We are proud The Azek Co. is choosing Boise for their new location,” Idaho Gov. Brad Little said in a news release. “Their history in manufacturing innovative and sustainable products with a focus on limiting waste and advancing recycling capabilities is a perfect match for Idaho’s business culture and environmental priorities.”

While The Azek is not operating in Boise yet they plan on renovating an existing building and this will allow them to ramp up by the end of the year. In my humble opinion he best part about this company moving to Boise is that they seem to care about the environment like many of us that live in the Treasure Valley.

According to a company statement "During fiscal 2020, Azek diverted about 400 million pounds of wood and plastic waste from landfills. By 2026, the company hopes to reclaim 1 billion pounds of waste annually."

“Our values drive how we work,” Jesse Singh, the CEO, stated in the news release. “When deciding on a location for our new facility, we looked for a city that matched our values by putting sustainability at the heart of its operations and growth, as well as one that offered a highly skilled pool of candidates to join the Azek family.”

Don't get me wrong there is financial gain for The Azek in relocating to Boise. Mainly the state will provide Azek with a 21% credit for 10 years on its taxes. On the surface this looks like a win win to me. Definitely something to consider if you want a job that pays 50k in Boise.


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