It's much more of a serious warning than Idahoans are used to hearing and no, it isn't click bait. The "deadliest" mushroom in the world has once again been found in Boise and officials are asking residents to be very aware when it comes to these things in the Treasure Valley.

These mushrooms aren't going to send you on a spirit quest or cause you to see funny shapes and colors-- they might cause you a trip to the morgue, however.

There are a lot of mushrooms that grow in and around Idaho--no, not all of them are the same: 

These 6 Mushrooms Are Unsuspecting Dangers in Idaho

Recently, a Death Cap mushroom was discovered in the North End of Boise. The mushroom is known globally as a poisonous mushroom that should never be consumed. These are not only dangerous to humans, but to pets as well. Curious about other Idaho mushrooms that need to be avoided? Here is a quick guide to some-- poisonous AND magical.

It's important to note that none of our photos or descriptions of these mushrooms, below, should be taken as official health advice. If you do not know what kind of mushroom you are dealing with, never eat it.

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Some magic, some delicious, some dangerous--mushrooms are no strangers to Idaho. 

For the second time in the last several months, officials have identified more 'Death Cap' mushrooms in the Treasure Valley and if you're spending anytime outside these days, you need to be on the lookout.

If you're walking your dog and they like to mess around with grass, weeds, and mushrooms or perhaps you have kids running around the lawn--or just running around in general, this could be a real risk.

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control, the Death Cap accounts for about 90% of mushroom deaths in humans.

Unless you're a mushroom expert, it really does look just like any other mushroom--however experts say you're to be on the lookout for these mushrooms popping up around the base of tree trunks. Their caps, while white, may almost seem metallic, and the universal veil will remain on the top of the cap while the rest sits at the bottom of it.

If you're like us, all of this can be confusing and really, there's no point in risking it: don't eat the mushroom and if you can--dispose of it, away from other plants or compost and clean the tools that you used to pull it out of the ground. They're most common in older neighborhoods around older trees.

In doubt? Don't eat it.

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