Yesterday was election day in Idaho, and folks from the Gem State hit the polls to make sure their voices were heard. And heard they were indeed!

There were a bunch of elections for things like City Council members, mayors, school district zones. You know, super exciting things like that. Now we're not downplaying the importance of voting, but none of those elections are bound to make big headlines. There is one issue, however, that continues to generate press:

The legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Idaho. Is it happening? When is it happening? Is there any possibility of it happening? Believe us when we say there are a lot of questions surrounding this controversial topic.

For all of time, as far as we know, smoking cannabis in the Gem State has been illegal. If you carry it on you, give it to someone, sell it to someone, or smoke it, you're going to get yourself into a whole heap of trouble. So after the recent election, what's the new law on marijuana in Idaho?

This may come as no surprise, but recreational marijuana did not get legalized in Idaho yesterday. Why? Well, mostly because it wasn't being voted on. Actually, that's really the only reason.

If it were on the ballot, would it pass? Not based on recent voting patterns. However, Ohio voted to legalize recreational marijuana yesterday, so who knows what's possible!


Just recently, 10 Barrel Brewing was purchased by a marijuana company, so times are most definitely a'changin'.

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Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

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