What's wrong with being Happy????  Looks like Pharrell Williams has people doing more than just talking about is Arby's Hat!  It's 24hours of Happy :-)  No, really.

It seems like everyone complains about EVERYTHING today and it's about time we got 24hours of happy!  I use to listen to Anthony Robbins and he always use to mention, "changing your state."  We have the choice to smile, be happy or be GRUMPY :-(

Try it.  Right now.  Turn on the song, "Happy" and start dancing wherever you are.  Smile HUGE!  Overfill the room with the most off beat dancing you've ever thought of!  Keep going...I know it's embarrassing...wait,....you're feeling it now......makes you feel happy right...keep it up...:-)

This is why people love kids so much.  They don't care, never over think and just wanna be happy.  They say what they think and WE critique what everyone else thinks.  Go watch Pharrell's fans be happy 24 hours a day.  You watch it long enough and you'll see everyone from celebrities to your local gas attendant.

They play the song over and over with a new person dancing happy.  You can also watch the original video in sync.  Check it out!

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