Just when I think that we've officially seen it all, twitter shows me something that never needed to be seen or made, really.

Please. Please watch the video for this wearable chair and let me know if you can think of a circumstance that this would actually be more useful than a burden.

The guy sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the bus? What's the plan once you actually get on the bus, sir? There's no way you can sit on that thing. So you're wearing it so you can sit while waiting, but have to stand on your bus ride home? Or will you post up and sit in the aisle of the bus? So many questions.

Or what about the guy who swivels from the countertop one foot over to the fridge? Is anyone trying to sit while they grab something from the fridge for three seconds?

Are we really to the point where we've got to sit at all times? I try to at least split my time while at work between sitting and standing. No way I could spend my entire twelve hour workday sitting in a chair in the studio at my laptop.

Can we just accept the fact that we have to stand at times? Is it really all that bad that people want to strap a metal chair to the back of their jeans? I'm not buying it. And I'm still waiting to hear one good reason that anyone would.




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