Finally, we saw it. Boise State firing on all cylinders.

Freshman Quarterback Hank Bachmeier had a stellar game throwing for two touchdowns and 263 yards. What we're seeing out of this kid has been phenomenal and it seems he's just getting started. After a slow start on the Blue, Boise State defeated Air Force with authority, proving they deserve to jump a few spots in the rankings. Major help came from University of Central Florida (the only Non-Power 5 team ahead of Boise State) and Washington State University-- as both teams lost, falling back and leaving plenty of room for Boise State to climb.

The Bronco's are now ranked #16 in the nation-- the country's top ranked Non-Power 5 school. In other words, if bowl season were tomorrow, Boise State would be playing in a major, New Year bowl game. Another interesting note is this: only the University of Oregon (who Boise State has beat several times) and University of California rank above Boise State in the West. It's crazy seeing so few teams from our side of the country ranked and Boise State strongly representing as one of the best.

Truly, the fate of this teams season rests in their hands only. With UCF down, we have no need to wait on them to lose and get out of our way any longer. That's a lot of pressure, Boise!

The Broncos have this week off and get back into action next weekend, October 5th, on the road in Las Vegas. It will be their first game NOT on the Blue in 4 weeks.

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