This viral twitter thread popped up in my feed over the weekend and the story is almost too good to be true. This guy met his now-wife at the gravesites of her family members after he'd been leaving flowers on their killer's gravesite for over two years.

Confused? I was at first, too. Click the tweet to read through the whole breakdown:

So, he felt bad for this guy who never had any flowers on his grave next to his own father's grave, and began bringing him flowers a couple times a month. After years of doing this, he wanted to know more about the guy and googled him. That's when he found out that he'd killed his own wife and her parents.

Naturally, you'd feel a way if this were you. So he took the next natural step which was finding their graves to pay his respects. That's when he met his wife. And like they always say, the rest was history. After a drink, of course.

This got me thinking: what's the weirdest way you've met someone? Today most people meet on dating apps. It's almost like meeting in-person is the "weird" way now. My weirdest? Probably at a porto-potty at a country music festival last summer. We'll get into that on the show tomorrow.

So what's the most bizarre way you've met someone? Call us tomorrow morning if you've got a great story!

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