Boise is said to be America's fastest growing city, It's also been voted the best place for millennials to live in America. One out of every 4 homes being purchased in the Treasure valley are being bought by out of state investors. It is very clear that America has discovered our amazing little city and they want in. The rumors and hype are so strong that apparently its not only humans that are moving to Boise. Case and point Henry the maned wolf.

Henry the maned wolf is moving to Boise and taking up residence at Zoo Boise. According to :

"The 6-year-old wolf was selected as a mate for Zoo Boise's female maned wolf, Jamie. Henry was brought to Zoo Boise from the Pueblo Zoo in Colorado through the Maned Wolf Species Survival Program.

The conservation program is aimed at maintaining a healthy population of endangered or threatened species.

Maned wolves are native to South America, and bark or roar rather than howling like a gray wolf. They are omnivores, eating fruit and vegetables along with small mammals and insects. "

Let there be no mistake Boise is the place to be whether you're human or not. Just in case you want to take the kids on a field trip so they can welcome Henry the maned Wolf, Zoo Boise is open 10a-5p and its very affordable, adults only pay $7 while children get in for $4.50


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