Mainly, I made another profile because Keke made me. Okay.. he didn't make me, but he really really really wanted me to go back on it because we get such golden content from the guys I match or unmatch with on the app.

I've got to set some boundaries for myself this time though: I have to give myself a swiping time limit! I consider myself to have addictive tendencies, and I'm totally addicted to swiping. Finding out which guy and which profile is behind the next swipe keeps me swiping nonstop! Then I realize I've been swiping for an hour and..yeah, you get the picture.

I may also set times of the day where I can open the app and message guys back. I just don't have the time right now to be on it all the time messaging and swiping like I was when I first downloaded it!

Okay with that said.. I've got about 27 matches already since re-downloading it an hour ago because.. I got swipe happy. I've got to go tend to those matches and figure out who to message. Friday night plans are set.

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