If you have ever used the term "long burger", you are a real one and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. It's simply a Nampa thing and not everyone moving into the Treasure Valley will ever understand.

Wheeler's Handout is a staple in the Treasure Valley, particularly in Nampa where the long-time restaurant serves some of the best shakes and burgers you will ever have. Of course, nothing is normal about these burgers--yes, they're better than your typical cheeseburger but THESE burgers are long burgers. They're exactly what they sound like...long patties. Why? Well, I've never known the story, but I can tell you they're far superior to any basic round burger patty.

The restaurant, Wheeler's Handout said on Facebook:

Today, April 20th, around 4:00pm, someone ran into the back of our building and took off. If anyone saw anything we would appreciate any info you can give us!! 208-466-1684.
We are assuming they pulled in off of Canyon, and were either drunk or didn't have insurance. So....people talk! Please let us know if you hear anything.
In a time where small businesses are struggling just to survive a global pandemic and everyone could use a little extra joy and happiness, acts like this just aren't warranted. I don't believe it's who we are as the Treasure Valley. Odds are, had the driver admitted fault on the spot, insurance could have taken care of a lot of these issues and there would have been no hard feelings.
Now, with a hit and run on their hands, Wheeler's Handout is left on their own to find out who did this and repair their building.
If you have any info, please call them!  We love you, Wheeler's!  You can see the photos of the damage below:

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