Hemp is and had been legal in the states that surround Idaho for quite some time until this past year. Idaho became the last state in the union to legalize it but only for industrial purposes.

According to hempgrower "On April 16, Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed House Bill 126 into law, legalizing the production, processing, research and transportation of industrial hemp with up to 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the state, beginning with the spring 2022 growing season"

As you can imagine when I heard about an event called Boise Hemp Fest I had to take a second look. If Hemp is not legal for medicinal or recreational use in our state how is this possible and what is this event all about. After a quick search of the interweb and more specifically the boisehempfest site I found the answer to my question.

"Boise Hempfest is a peaceful and legal protest to a zero tolerance state that focuses on information and facts about Cannabis through a free educational event."

I also found that there is a bunch of cool stuff happening at this family friendly event including 12 hours of live entertainments featuring belly dancers, fire dancers, local bands and speakers. A beer garden will be accessible to all adults and since it's a family event, the organizers have created a space called Kid Land to keep the little ones entertained. If you're a learner and want to educate yourself the Enchanted Forest section of this festival is the place to learn about Cannabis & the War on Drugs.  The best part of all is that the weather is going to be ideal for a day at Julia Davis park this Saturday August 14th and there is no admission fee.


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