Things are looking good in 2021. We have a vaccine and the roll out is moving along. Consumer confidence is picking up and I think by mid year a good portion of the population should be back to "normal".  As our world jumps back into the fast lane many employers will be hiring and while there may be a lot of opportunity in some fields, others will be tough to get back into.  According to a CareerCloud study...

"Idaho's No. 1 most common and competitive job is retail salesperson accounting for 1,422 jobs per 100,000 people in the state. Nationally, the two most competitive jobs are retail and the food service, both greatly impacted by COVID-19."

As you can imagine with 11 million unemployed Americans searching for jobs, things will get interesting. Check out some key finding from the study below.

Key findings from the study:

  • 5 Most Competitive Jobs in America: Retail salesperson (1,379 workers per 100,000 people), Food preparation and serving (1,132), Cashiers (1,115), Office Clerks (965), Registered Nurses (935).


  • Retail Salesperson: Among top three most competitive jobs in 48 states, followed by cashier (26) and food prep and service worker (16).


  • 5 Fastest Growing Jobs Through 2028: Solar installers jobs expected to increase by 45% by 2028; wind turbine technicians by 39%, home health aides (21%), person care aides (21%) and occupational therapists by 18%.


3 Easy Ways to Stand Out to Employers During COVID-19

  • Update Resume to Beat the Bots: Nearly 100% of Fortune 500 companies use a digital ATS platform to weed out resumes before a human sees them. To beat the bots, add keywords from the job description into your resume.  Create multiple resumes for specific jobs. Use resume writing services optimize your chances of landing a job quickly.


  • Appearance Matters, Up Your Zoom Game: Choose a clean background in your home for zoom interviews and make sure you dressed and groomed for success as if it was an in-person interview.


  • Be Flexible and Focus on Transferrable Skills: As the economy rebounds, your old job may be gone, or you may choose an industry with less competition.  Be sure to highlight your transferrable skills– such as office management or mentoring of new hires.

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