Today I did something I had never done before. I visited the CW Penthouse downtown and was blown away by the views of the foothills. As I looked away from the foothills and back towards downtown I noticed that the parking lot between fifth and sixth on Grove is being ripped out and two new vertical neighborhoods a.k.a. upscale condos are being built. According to The Lucy will be at 5th and Grove the second building will be located at 6th and Grove will be named Thomas Logan. Thomas who? And why would they name a building after this person? Who is he? I knew you would ask so here is the answer to your mental inquiry compliments of

Thomas E. Logan (b. 1834) arrived in Boise with his wife Carolyn and son Leonard on a wagon train September 2, 1864. Soon after their arrival, Thomas Logan became a partner in the Williams & Logan Drugstore and Gustav Bilick & Logan, a general store on Main Street. In 1869, Logan was appointed Boise’s first Postmaster by President Grant, serving until 1870. Just a few years later, Logan was elected Mayor of Boise, serving from 1873-1875 and again from 1876-1878. Known as “an honest citizen, a kind husband and father and a faithful friend,” Logan passed away in April 1893. Logan is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Section 1-57-7. The Logan House, which Thomas Logan lived in during his time as mayor, is now located in the Pioneer Village grounds at the Idaho State Historical Museum, located in Julia Davis Park.


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