Here we are a few days away from Valentines day. If you're anything like me you're somewhat prepared for the big day. Sure you might of thought about making a reservation but at this point that might be too late so now you have to come up with an impressive gift to make up for it. This is where your creativity or google skills come in to play.  I can give you a list of all the things you should gift your valentine but, just in case you've decided to try something different let me help you out with a few things you should NOT get your significant other compliments of Redtri .

Cheap flowers

"A plant with the discounted tag attached. You know the ones that live right next to the pretty flowers at the grocery store. yeah, that happened. He didn't last long." (via Jeanette K.)

2. Expired coupons

"An ex gave me an expired coupon to a restaurant that had shut down the only location in our area." (via Reddit user _generalmayhem)

3. Mermaids and diapers are related how?

"A little mermaid doll and adult diapers. I was pregnant, I guess my husband thought it would be funny." (via reader Michelle C.)

A garbage can (no, seriously).

"The ever so romantic metal trashcans with the step-on open feature! In his defense—he had the flu when he went out shopping. I'm sure they felt like a good idea in his fever-addled brain!" (via reader Carol S.)

A talking bear.

"A Build-A-Bear from a guy I hadn’t been dating very long at all and wasn’t super into. He recorded himself saying 'I love you' and so when I squeezed the bear I heard his voice." (Dana F.)

A toilet seat (we swear).

"My dad gave my stepmom a toilet seat once for Valentine’s Day. He genuinely thought he had the best gift ever. This happened over five years ago and we still laugh at him about it.” But that’s not all, “It was the most generic toilet seat ever. Not even one of the ones that go down slowly.” (via Reddit user makingmc)


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