Needless to say it's been a very challenging year. When I find myself reminiscing about the last 12 months I feel like it I had no idea how much we were all going through. Personally my pandemic experience started with a break up and while looking back at it, I always knew that she wasn't the ONE but the timing of it and the way the whole thing happened was just ugly. Add the additional isolation that the pandemic created and you have a very challenging year but sometimes as The Beatles once sang... "All you need is love."

I find it interesting that the signs are all around us. Nine out of 10 times when we look back at our lives we realize that the signs we're always there, we just choose to ignore them. Recently a Boise woman decided to place a few signs to remind us all that LOVE is all we need and we should reflect on our own story for inspiration.

If you've driven on the 84 east of the airport you 've seen the huge red and white LOVE billboards. You might of wondered, who put those up and why would they spend their money to do such a thing? This woman who has chosen to remain unnamed told ktvb that after her husband was murdered and she lost her brother to suicide she wanted to remind people that it is "love that makes life memorable." We all need a sign from time to time, today I say thanks to this woman for spending her stimulus money to give us that sign in the form of a billboard.


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