It's happened to all of us and when I say all of us, I mean ALL of us! that moment where you find yourself screaming at your computer as you wait for it to upload or download that extremely import document for work. Okay maybe we're just screaming because the movie we're trying to stream keeps buffering or the game we're playing keeps freezing. There are a ton of amazing things about Boise and for that matter the Treasure valley however the internet speed is NOT one of them. How bad is it? According to a recent analysis...real bad! Check out some key findings from the analysis below:

Quick stats:

  • The average speed of the largest 100 metros in the US is 89.3 Mbps
  • The difference between the fastest and slowest metros is a whopping 96.4 Mbps
  • The US metro with the fastest average internet speed: Washington D.C. (129.1 Mbps)
  • The US metro with the slowest average internet speed: Charleston, West Virginia (32.7 Mbps) 
  • Median average download speeds in New York City increased over 20 Mbps within the last year

Keep the info above in mind as you read the list of top 10 metros with the fastest as well as the top 10 metros with the slowest internet speeds.

The top 10 metros with the fastest internet speeds

Mean average speed rankMetroMean download speed (Mbps)Median download speed (Mbps)Median download speed rank
1Washington, DC129.172.13
2Philadelphia, Pennsylvania127.473.91
3San Francisco, California126.167.46
4New York City, New York124.272.52
5Boston, Massachusettstts123.671.64
6Baltimore, Maryland120.965.67
7San Antonio, Texas119.765.18
8Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas117.262.214
9Las Vegas, Nevada117.15826
10Houston, Texas116.258.323

The top 10 metros with the slowest internet speed

Mean average speed rankMetroMean download speed (Mbps)Median download speed (Mbps)Median download speed rank
1Charleston, West Virginia32.77.53
2Boise, Idaho56.9181
3Toledo, Ohio58.232.46
4Myrtle Beach, South Carolina5918.12
5Scranton, Pennsylvania5918.14
6Little Rock, Arkansas60.8237
7Portland, Maine6738.98
8Lansing, Michigan68.928.214
9Fort Wayne, Indiana69.127.426
10Rochester, New York69.535.623

Here is how arrived at the results:

"Methodology: Our results include proprietary speed tests from February 1, 2020, to March 16, 2021 filtering out incomplete, duplicate, and cellular phone data to see what most people worked with on their laptops, desktops, and home-connected devices. We analyzed a total of 1.3 million results generated from our internet speed test tool for our ranking. We ranked the top 100 largest metros* (according to the FCC) as the fastest and slowest for mean average internet speeds in the United States."


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