Tuesdays earthquake is officially the second largest earthquake to ever hit Idaho. The 6.5 shaker is only second to the 1983 Borah peak 6.9 quake that killed two people. Where were you when the quake hit?

I was in my office at the station and I thought Mateo was jumping up and down just outside my office and it was causing my desk to move. When I realized that wasn't the case I walked out of my office and saw Mateo diving under a desk, at this point the 6.5 hit and our entire 4 story building was moving. It hit me at the very moment that much like Mateo who is a native, people were not used to earthquakes here.

Immediately after the quake hit we started taking phone calls on KISS- FM and one woman said she was on the toilet at her job when things started shaking, she laughed as she said it reminded her of the time she lived in a trailer park. Where were you when the quake hit?

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