There are going to be Stranger Things: Season 4 spoilers aplenty below.

You've been warned.


Ok. Now that Stranger Things: Season 4 has wrapped up and we're all on pins and needles waiting for the final season to drop, we've been thinking. In the show, the Upside Down basically mirrors Hawkins (the city where the show takes place), including some iconic landmarks of the small Indiana town.

Obviously, we know this stuff isn't real, but what if it was? If Upside Downs of other towns existed, how would it be decided where that town's Vecna (the series' main villain and "king" of the Upside Down) lives? In the show, he lives in the Upside Down version of the home he grew up in.

That begs the question. Where would the center of Boise's Upside Down be?

The quickest answer would obviously be the capitol building, but we feel like that's a little too easy and preditable.

Would it be Freak Alley? It'd fit as the perfect backdrop as Vecna invades traumatized teens' minds and tries to break into the real world.

Would it be Table Rock? Just imagine Eddie playing Metallica from atop Table Rock at night. So metal.

Would it be the Old Idaho Penitentiary? The spooky scenes in the Upside Down would be even cooler in a place that's actually haunted. For real tho, it's haunted. Trust us.

What's your take? Where's the perfect spot for Vecna to chill in Boise's Upside Down? Let's get together on Facebook and decide where his evil lair should be.

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