To mask or not to mask? Lately I feel like I'm stuck in a game show every time I'm about to get out of the car. I find myself having to make ask my self what city or county I'm in so that I can put my mask on or not. This past weekend I drove 1500 miles and cruised through 6 different states and I literally had to google the mask mandates for that specific city and state. I want to save you some time and aggravation by sharing the list of cities that require masks in Idaho compliments of ktvb.


Bellevue Mayor Ned Burns ordered a city-wide mask mandate that requires all citizens to wear face coverings when in public settings. Effective July 16 at midnight, this provision will stay in place until later decided by the mayor and City Council.


Ada County continues to lead the state in confirmed cases, prompting Mayor Lauren McLean to sign a public health order requiring masks to be worn in public settings if social distancing guidelines cannot be followed.


Mayor Hyrum Johnson signed an emergency order mandating that all people in the city of Driggs must wear a face mask in public residencies.

The order has been in effect since July 3.


Mayor Martha Burke signed a city-wide mandate on July 1 that requires all residents to wear a face mask in public.


The Kellogg City Council issued a new mandate that requires all Kellogg residents to wear a face-covering in public settings where social distancing cannot be done.


The Ketchum City Council has approved an emergency health order requiring that face masks be worn in public spaces. The mandate is legally enforceable and violators could face a $100 penalty.


The McCall City Council passed a resolution and health order on July 1 requiring face masks to be worn in all indoor spaces or when six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained.


Moscow Mayor Bill Lambert issued Public Health Emergency Order 20-03 requiring all Moscow residents to wear a face covering and to follow social distancing guidelines.

The order has been in effect since July 2.


The City of Victor passed a citywide ordinance on June 8 that requires all people to wear masks in public settings. The ordinance will remain in effect until Oct. 1, 2020, unless conditions allow the order to be repealed sooner.


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