After all the confusion about buying and/or firing off illegal fireworks over Fourth of July weekend, did anyone even get in trouble?

Between the Ada County Sheriff's Office, Nampa Police, and Canyon County Sheriff's Office, just shy of 500 phone calls reporting illegal fireworks were received. Zero citations were issued. Rep. Mat Erpelding, a Boise Democrat, may have the closest thing to an answer we'll get about why:

If law enforcement finds the person who lit off the aerial fire work and they can prove they lit off the firework, then they do issue citations. The problem with all of this is it is so hard to actually catch a person after they've lit off an aerial firework.

Ada County Sheriff's Office responded by saying they simply don't have the manpower to look into every single complaint.

This is the part where I would explain what constitutes a legal and illegal firework in Idaho, and what waiver you do and do not need to sign, but honestly I'm more confused about the rules now than I was a week ago. Hopefully by next year Idaho lawmakers can make up their minds one way or another with a simple and concise answer.

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