Guy takes girl on a date. Guy secretly gets up to leave and pays half of the check. Girl doesn't know where guy has gone. Girl pays for the rest of the meal. Girl texts guy saying he's "what's wrong with guys these days". 


Here's the story:

Basically, met this girl at a bar. We hit it off, I had to leave, we exchanged numbers and that was that. I get a text out of the blue a few days ago from her so we get chatting and set up a date for dinner last night. This is when I specifically said that we should split the bill. I stated that at this point we were two strangers and this wasn't a romantic date. She completely agreed, multiple times, that she was fine with it and we'd split the bill.


Date night rolls around and we go to dinner. Every time we ordered something, she ordered the most expensive option. The total bill was $180 (with hers being $130 of it). I remind her we talked about splitting it and she asks me if I was "actually serious" about that.


I could see that she was expecting me to pay the entire bill so I smiled and apologized for bringing it up and say that I left my card in my coat and that I was going to get it. I get up, tell the waiter that I wanted to pay half of the bill. I leave the restaurant, walk the other way to avoid her seeing me from the window and grab a ride home.


She has the nerve to text me calling me a jackass, saying I'm "everything wrong with men nowadays" and that she'd "file a police report if she ever saw me again."

I went home and told my roommate and he called me an ass.


- Sean, Meridian


I feel I did the right thing. Would you agree? Who pays?

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