My wife just recently asked me why I keep these bad memories of our visits to the E.R. That's a great question and I have a quick answer. These are reminders that I hope to keep close and share with him one day. I want him to know that strangers saved his life. I want to show him the faces of the heroes and the people that ran down streets for support of the St. Luke's Children's Hospital. Events like FitOne are the fabric that helps bring our community together.

We've spent more nights in the hospital as a family than I would have ever imagined. I guess the things you don't think about are the people that run the hospitals themselves. these people are the forgotten heroes. I'm not just talking about doctors, but the anesthesiologist, nurses, down to the people working in the gift shop. Those professionals are coming in contact with people from all walks of life and tragedy that we fear on a daily basis. Those people aren't just name tags.

It was one year ago today that our son Lennox laid in that bed for days. I looked out a hospital window as the crowds rushed into downtown Boise and could hear my staff hyping thousands. The doctors, nurses, and my own 103.5 Kissfm staffers were out running for families like ours. It's extremely difficult for me to speak about first responders and the people that saved our son's life including my wife.

The Kiss team had over 600 members doubling last year's numbers and hopefully, we double those for 2018.

FitOne St.Luke's Team

The money raised goes to the St. Luke's Children's Hospital, the only children's hospital in Idaho. We don't just owe this hospital for saving our son's life, but the list of lives touched over the years goes unnoticed. These people aren't just getting up to go to work. These men and women live a lifestyle to help us survive. I've often wondered what that pressure must feel like to them.

I've also learned that we are NOT alone. St. Luke's has helped most of our kids in the Treasure Valley and Idaho. The nurses and doctors leave our room to walk into seven more surrounded by seven more crises.

Photo by: kekeluv
Photo by: kekeluv

Our son is doing fantastic today! We may NEVER be able to fully relax but it's clear that his system didn't handle certain foods very well. Lennox has been tested to be allergic to Soy, Gluten, and Dairy. Once we made those adjustments our little guy has been doing great. We pray his system continues to strengthen and hopefully some of these foods don't bother him anymore.

We understand that nobody is perfect and mistakes will be made. St. Luke's Children's Hospital does something that nobody else does - they make sure your family doesn't get turned away despite your financial situation. 👼

None of us want to spend a night in the hospital or have to watch our kids lay helpless. These photos are just a reminder that what St. Luke's does is extremely important to our families. Donate when you can, sign-up when possible, and thank someone if the opportunity presents itself. What kind of price tag do you put on a team that saves your kids life?l

It was great seeing everyone today and massive thanks from all the families in the Treasure Valley to everyone at FitOne. You can see from the photos it was soooooo chilly on this first 🍁Fall 🍁 weekend! Thanks for all the hugs and it feels great to always feel at home during one of these events. 💋💙

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