FitOne kick-off another successful year just in time for a chilly, Fall morning. It feels like Summer came late, got hot, and cooled off just in time for today. My morning started off with my little weenie dog getting sick and making a poopy mess in his kennel before I left. I was cleaning up puke all over the carpet, a poop filled kennel, and didn't think I was going to make it. I'm pretty sure it was a bad effect from some doggy treats I got downtown this weekend as a sample.

Sidenote: He didn't tear up our house and seems to be doing fine.

I've already posted the first set of photos in my previous blog. Here is your second wave of moments and thanks again for everyone coming out to support the St. Luke's Children's Hospital. Everyone downtown holds a special place in our hearts for everything they've done for us. We remember that last year we sat in beds with our sick son. Today he is visiting my wife's parents and this is what he was doing.

Lennox getting ready for Halloween.
Lennox getting ready for Halloween.


















Lennox was getting ready for Halloween today. It's been a stretch since he's seen a hospital bed and by that, I mean 3-4 months. We feel great about where he is right now and it's thanks to everyone who ran today.

From our family and my 103.5 Kissfm family - Muah 💋

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