Online dating was fun while it lasted. That was only about a month.

I never tried any dating apps until I moved to Boise. In Seattle, I knew too many people and worried about coming across people I knew on apps! When I first moved here, I thought "new city, I don't know anyone.. what's the harm?!"

I quickly became addicted to swiping and couldn't wait to see who was behind the next left swipe. It was so fun! But you'll start to notice that the notifications, the messages and the constant need to beat the expiration gets way too time consuming.

It becomes overwhelming to feel like you've got to constantly respond to a guys message otherwise he's wondering what happened to you.

And then the worst: when you unmatch from someone because you're just not feelin em.. and then they FIND YOU on instagram or facebook! Who does that?! Clearly, I just wasn't interested. So why do you have to find me on a different platform to ask me what happened?? Why do you have to make it awkward?!

That was too much pressure. The nice thing about bumble initially was that I could chat with a guy and get a feel for the conversation and vibe without exchanging phone numbers or social media or anything that would attach us. So when a guy somehow googles you or whatever to get your social media info.. that's just crossing the line to me.

I didn't want to deal with that. It happened twice yesterday so I decided to dip out of the apps and take a break. I deleted my profiles on Bumble and Hinge.

Does there need to be a disclaimer?! Like.. if I unmatch from you- don't hit me up on the gram? I'm shocked by this. And I'm done with Bumble, for now.

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