lot of people in Idaho own guns. No one is here to debate that. Idahoans love their guns, and that's just fine. It's your right to own guns in America.

The question is, is there any correlation between the amount of gun-carrying citizens in Idaho and the amount of deaths caused by gun violence every year?

It's a pretty staggering number: In an average year, 278 people in Idaho die and 256 are wounded by guns in Idaho. As a matter of fact, Idaho has the 29th-highest rate of gun violence in the country.

If you feel like this isn't important because it doesn't directly affect you, you should know that it does directly affect your wallet. Gun injuries and deaths cost Idaho tax payers $30.5 million dollars per year. Pretty sure we can agree that's a lot of money to spend on something that doesn't affect you.

So, what can we do? Should we be buying more guns? Less guns? Get rid of all the guns? For this writer, it doesn't feel like it's any of those things. It's humbly recommended that we start with something very, very simple: Be kinder to each other.

Sure it may sound cheesy, but we see rage addiction every single day, and being kind is the quickest way to snap someone out of a bad place. So let's try that, shall we?


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