Narcissa Malfoy. Barty Crouch Jr. Kreacher. A few names you may or may not recall from the beloved Harry Potter franchise. Are one of them the favorite for Idahoans, or did we choose someone more well-known? Let's stir up some potions and see what we can find. crunched some numbers, and they were able to identify every state's favorite character in the Harry Potter universe. Easy enough, it's Harry, right? Surprisingly, no. Harry Potter was the favorite character in only one state...Utah. Here are a few other surprises that came up:

  • Dumbledore was by far the most beloved character, being the favorite of eighteen states
  • He-who-shall-not-be-named was the favorite of only two states
  • Dobby and Hermoine were both equally loved, landing 11 states each

So, let's get to it. Who does Idaho love the absolute most when it comes to the Wizarding World?

None other than miss Hermoine Granger. She's also most-loved in California, Indiana, New Jersey, and seven other states. The young lady of Gryffindor is quite popular all across the country!

One fact stood out from all the others. Somehow, that little weasel Draco Malfoy actually had two states saying he's their favorite: Arizona and Wyoming. This just goes to show, you can't trust anyone from Arizona or Wyoming. Ever again.

Who's your favorite character from the Harry Potter universe? Is it Mr. Harry Potter himself? Maybe the adorable Ron Weasley? Severus Snape? Hit us up on Facebook and let us know. Unless it's Draco Malfoy. Then, don't.

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