Toys R Us is in debt by $5 billion. The company has filed for bankruptcy protection just two months before holiday shopping season. I just want to know if That Great Big Book of Awesome Toys will be a thing of the past or if there's still a chance. 

There are 1,600 Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores worldwide - one in Meridian at the Village. It's so fun to go in during the holiday season and look through aisles and aisles of the newest toys, stuff you didn't know existed and think about how you'll be the best mom or favorite aunt at Christmastime.

Rest assured, my friends, Toys R Us will live another holiday.

The toy store will operate as usual during the upcoming holiday season.

Think about your bills right now. On average, what's the total you pay to your debts? Toys R Us will be paying a $400 million interest payment due next year and a $1.7 billion interest payment due in 2019. All of a sudden, our bills seem do-able.

Amazon is definitely a competitor and making it to where toy stores are taking a hit but Toys R Us is revamping their approach with tech items as kids choose those over traditional toys.

So, as we make our way through basic season and embark on Christmas shopping, we have nothing to worry about when it comes to camping out in the aisles at Toys R Us in Meridian.

What? You don't think that? Yeah, me neither.

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